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Friday, September 7, 2007
9:00AM - 4:00PM
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Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054 
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NineZero Conference Sponsored by
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Task Force of Santa Clara County

FASD Task Force of Santa Clara County

Workshop 1:  FASD Diagnosis

Speaker:  Susan J. Astley, PhD, Director, Washington State FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network

Course Objective: Participants will gain knowledge on best practices for diagnosing FASD and the benefits of having a diagnosis.

Workshop 2:  Screening for Perinatal Substance Use

Speakers:  James Byrne, MD, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center & Cosette Taillac, LCSW, Regional Director of Kaiser's Early Start Program.

Course Objective:  Participants will increase knowledge on best practices for screening pregnant women during pregnancy for drug & alcohol use; and basic addiction information.  Participants will also obtain information on the referral process for treatment.

Workshop 3:  Criminal Justice System & FASD

Speakers:  Carla Van Meter, BS in Administration of Justice, Lead Rehab. Officer, SCC DOC, Hon. Katherine Lucero, Cari Santibanes, MFT, Friends Outside

Course Objective:  Participants will learn practical tools to help people with FASD navigate the criminal justice system.  Participants will also gain insight on the specific challenges people with FASD face in the system and common misunderstandings in working with these individuals.

Workshop 4:  Foster Care/Adoption & FASD

Moderator:  Norma Doctor Sparks, MSW, JD, Director of Dept. of Family & Children Services, Social Services Agency of Santa Clara County.

Course Objective:  Participants will gain knowledge on the impact FASD has on the foster care and adoption system through an interactive panel discussion.  The panel discussion will include foster parents, adoptive parents and social workers.

Workshop 5:  Mental Health Issues & FASD

Moderator:  Nancy Pena, Ph.D, Director of Mental Health in Santa Clara County    

Course Objective:  Participants will be able to identify FASD Treatment resources in Santa Clara County and will increase understanding on specific treatment standards/protocols and issues surrounding mental health treatment.

Workshop 6:  Perinatal Substance Abuse Treatment Providers in Santa Clara County

Facilitator:  Kym Haas, MA, MFTI, CADC-II, Clinical Supervisor at ARH-Parisi House on the Hill

Course Objective:  Participants will increase awareness of FASD impacted clients and impact of substance use in pregnant clients.  Discussion will allow for participants to network, connect and be able to process how treatment could be administered more collaboratively.   Discussion and experiential exercises will include clinical and child development staff from Blossoms Perinatal Center, Mariposa Lodge, House on the Hill & Perinatal Substance Abuse Program (PSAP) of Santa Clara County.

Workshop 7:  FASD for Life: "A View from the Inside"

Speaker:  Melinda Ohlemiller, M.A. Director of Prevention & Advocacy Services St. Louis ARC

Course Objective: Whether you are a dedicated professional or a concerned caregiver, we all need a sense of hope to fuel the energy, creativity and compassion required of us.  This workshop is offered by an experienced parent/professional who will lead participants through a motivational and inspiring journey filled with tips, tears and belly laughs, emphasizing the realistic but positive aspects of life with a child with FAS. 

Workshop 8:  Educating Teens (F.A.S.T.R.A.C. Curriculum/9-0 Campaign)

Speaker:  Jim Stream, Executive Director & Eva Carner, Project Coordinator of the ARC of Riverside, NineZero Project

Course Objective:  Participants will obtain an introduction of the FASTRAC Curriculum which was designed for teen facilitator to train their peers about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.  Participants will also obtain a brief overview of the NineZero campaign.

Morning Keynote
Speaker:  Ira Chasnoff, MD

Lunch Keynote
Kathryn Page, PhD

Afternoon Wrap Up
Speaker:  Patrick Clyne, MD, SCVMC

...Raising the capacity of our community to prevent, identify,
and address problems related to prenatal drinking...

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