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  Thursday May 28, 2009:
Eaglebots hope to make botball competition

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Monday May 25, 2009
Oak Grove Botball Champions



Finish 5th on the PLANET
Out of 300 "Botball" robotics teams planet-wide
and 61 teams competing at the

International Botball Championship in Washington D.C.
July 1 - July 7, 2009

Jeanie Romanoff
EagleBot Teacher Mentor - Media Contact, 209-756-5051

We are still $5000 short to pay bills to the Global Robotics Conference
and Botball Competition in Washington DC on July 1 - July 5, 2009.
Please help.  Even a few dollars makes a difference!


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Thanks to our generous sponsors, AltaDevices, Yahoo Employee Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, The Teachers of Oak Grove High School, BotBall & the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, Mundi Travel, Many Individual Sponsors.
Alta Devices

WHAT:     San Jose Oak Grove High School "EAGLEBOTS" Robotics Team finishes 5th on the Planet
                     in the International Robotics Competition held in Washington DC, July 1- July 5, 2009

WHEN:    July 1 - July 5, 2009

WHO:       21 high school students from Oak Grove High School competing with 300 students from all over the planet.

WHERE:  Washington DC

MEDIA CONTACT: Dean McCully, 209-614-4650

For Immediate Release

Northern California Oak Grove High School, San Jose California

“Eaglebots” Botball Robotics Team

Seeking Sponsorship for their trip to the International Botball Championship

Washington D.C. June 30 – July 7, 2009

The San Jose Oak Grove High School Botball Robotics team the “Eaglebots” swept the Northern California Botball robotics championship in March 2009, now has finished 5th planet-wide in the International Botball Championship in Washington D.C. on June 1 – July 5, 2009.

The Eaglebots are a real “Cinderella story”.  Many team members are “English learners”, recent immigrants from 13 different cultures, speaking 9 different principal languages. Many of these young people are holding down jobs to support their families while attending high school and struggling to maintain the grades to qualify them for college.  Yet somehow these young people found time to create the winning robots that swept the Northern California Botball championship.

Botball is unique in that all robots are fully autonomous.  Unlike other robotics competitions that rely on remote control to adjust the robot's tactics, Botball robots execute a pre-programmed strategy designed by the student teams.  Once the competition begins, no human input is allowed.  61 teams competed in the July 2009 global Botball competitions in Washington EC, including well funded teams from several wealthier school districts around the world.  Oak Grove High School is deep in the heart of the low social /economic area of East Side San Jose Union High School District in San Jose. So, funding was virtually nonexistent.  Teachers volunteered for robotics mentoring because no money was available for overtime, robot spare parts had to be scrounged or borrowed from other schools, no money was available to transport the students to the regional competitions. The Oak Grove Eaglebots were barely expected to enter the competition, let alone finish, let alone place. Yet with so much working against them, the Oak Grove Eaglebots somehow beat all odds and beat all but 4 of the worldwide teams, including 4th place in the double-elimination rounds, 5th place overall, several awards for teamwork and design.

We have set up a website with more information, and to help collect donations.  Please consider sponsoring one of the underdog Eaglebots listed below in their life changing journey to D.C.  Anything you can contribute would be a great help, even a few dollars would be great, in rewarding this award-winning underdog team for proudly representing Northern California in the International Botball Championships.

Thank you for your support!  Go Eaglebots!!!

Jeanie Romanoff

San Jose Oak Grove High School EagleBot Teacher Mentor,  209-756-5051


NASA, Alta Devices, Yahoo, Caywood Foundation, and Other Silicon Valley Corporations Sponsor Northern California Champion Oak Grove High School "Eaglebot" Botball Educational Robotics Champions


The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics KIPR declares the 21 teenage members of the San Jose Oak Grove High School Eaglebot "Botball" robotics Team as 5th on the Planet at the prestigious Global Educational Robotics Conference (GECR) and Botball Competition in Washington D.C. July 2009.   An estimated 500 spectators cheered for 61 teams from as far away as Bahrain and United Arab Emerites, as well as most states in the U.S. competing during the global "Botball" competition.

Oak Grove High School is part of the  low income East Side San Jose School District, the team who swept the Northern California "Botball" robotics regional championships in March 2009.  The annual International Botball Tournament takes place during the Global Conference on Educational Robotics . More than 6,000 international students participate in Botball every year and more than 60,000 have competed over 11 years. In 2009, teams from 23 states and 6 countries will participate in Botball.

Please see the website for more information and for instructions on donating or helping fund the trip to Washington D.C:

The Botball Educational Robotics Program engages middle and high school aged students in a team-oriented robotics competition that develops students’ science, technology, engineering, computer science and math skills. In Botball, all the design, coding, and building of robots is done by students, and no machining is necessary.. The theme of this year's game was “Alternative Energy”.


NASA has sponsored Botball Robotics for over ten years. Several students who have participated in Botball have become NASA interns. NASA uses autonomous robots in space and planetary exploration, and they use Botball as an opportunity to reach out to future engineers and help them get relevant hands-on experience and skills. Terry Grant, a NASA Associate, has been personally supporting the Botball Program as a volunteer for many years, going to schools and teaching programming. He said, "In this environment kids learn how to work together, connecting with the technology and understanding how it is relevant in a way that is impossible to get from lectures or books...and they come away inspired to learn more! My only concern is how to make experiences like these available to all our youth; I see it as critical to our future."


For more information about Botball please see: or contact:

Jeanie Romanoff, EagleBot Teacher Mentor - Media Contact, 209-756-5051

Saroj Pathak, EagleBot Engineer Mentor


Dean McCully - Media Contact 209-614-4650
Partner's Information
KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, an educational non-profit organization, will present 14 Botball Workshops and Tournaments this year - 12 in the United States and 2 based internationally.  The Botball Program begins with a 2-day professional development workshop where educators and team leaders learn about current robotics technology and how to implement it into their classroom or community. Through the course of the workshop, participants receive all the information about the current Botball game and the reusable robotics kit and components - Students construct a working demo bot! 

Oak Grove Eaglebots

The Northern California Eaglebots consist of 14 student members and 6 teacher/mentors, who partner to build & program robots for robotic competitions all around the San Francisco Bay Area.  9 first languages are represented by this student team from the low income neighborhoods in East Side San Jose.  The Eaglebots swept the competition against stiff competition from much better funded and more robotically-experienced school districts, through a combination of hard work and clever robotics implementation.


Oak Grove High School of San Jose East Side Unified School District

285 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, (408) 347-6500

Our mission is to provide a safe, caring, learning environment where students achieve the academic, aesthetic, personal, and social development required to continue learning, pursue post-secondary education, compete in a changing job market, and participate in a multicultural democratic society.




Rohit:  I came to America 1 ˝ years ago There are 5 families with a total of 15 people living in one house. We work hard just to live. I work hard on my grades and got a scholarship for college.


James: My dad came from Taiwan and came to America with $100.00  My mom came from China. I was born in Guam. I help my family by doing chores, mow lawn, do dishes, do the laundry, and mop the floor. I work very hard to keep my grades up and to score high on the PSAT and  SAT. I love Physics and want to be good in Math and Science. I plan to go to University.


Diana: My parents originally came to America from Mexico so they could have a better life for their children. My dad graduated from a university in Mexico with a degree in agricultural engineering but his degree was no good in America. My mom went to school in Mexico through 6th grade but had to drop out because her parents had no money. She started working in 6th grade to help support her family. About a year and a-half ago, my mom had cancer, major surgery, and had to have a series of Chemotherapy. I had to cook, clean the house, do the laundry and be the mom for my younger brother. Now my mom is ok and I still help around the house but spend my time writing computer programs and studying so I will get a scholarship for the University.


Ali: I was born in Afghanistan. When I was one month old my dad was shot and killed in the war. My older brother died from exposure because we were too poor to have warm clothes. My cousin snuck us across the Pakistan border to be safe. Even in Pakistan the War caught up with us and we had to escape again. We were hiding in my cousins’ house for 9 years. Then my grandpa who lived in America loaned us money to fly to America. We are still trying to pay him back. My other brother, my sister, and I work to help support the family. It has been hard for me to adjust to my new life because I have seen so much violence and my family had to deal with violence in our new country.  I have been stabbed in the face and had to deal with that anger. When I first  came to America, I solved all my problems with my fists. Now, since I have been in the Eaglebots for almost two years, I have not been in a fight. I am working to improve my attitude and my grades so I can go to the University.


Shari and Priya,  We came to America 1 ˝ years ago when our  Uncle applied  for our parents and us to get a visa to come to America. We got to come to America but our parents had to stay in India. My Uncle supports us, and I (Shari) also work to help. I am in 10th grade and Priya is in 9th grade. We work hard to keep our grades up so we can go to University. We do Robotics because we want to know more about the culture. We are learning Science and Technology and we both want to be Engineers.  The Robotics club is a safe place to learn engineering and computer programming. We are happy to be in our new country and we get a chance to interact with other people and a chance to present our talents.


Nathan: I am a senior and have been accepted into college for next year. I have a younger brother, and my “single parent mom” supports and takes care of us. I play trumpet in advanced Jazz Band. I have been in the Eaglebots for two years. We have hardships but good grades are most important to me. I like to write computer programs and write musical programs for the robots.


Money: I am a crazy robot builder and love the Eaglebots. I am another immigrant  who goes to school, works two part-time jobs to help support our family. I am in 11th grade and work with other club members at break and lunch almost every day. I can't go to Washington D.C. because I have to work. Someday I plan to go to University so I can do what I love. That is engineering and computers.


Jaskirat: I have been in U.S. for eight months. My parents are both pharmacists but could not find work in the difficult economy. I am struggling to learn a new culture, a new language and a new life. Robotics and computers get me through each day.


Kulvir: I am love science and math. I am in Robotics so I can get skills to go to college. I work many hours each week, go to school everyday and work hard on my homework. I am new to America but I am working to make a good life for my family and my future.


Johan:  I was born in Saudi Arabia and my parents were born in the Philippines. I came to the U. S. in 2000. I am working hard to get my grades up to go to University.




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