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Negative Tide Half Moon Bay 3PM (lowest tide -1.61FT at 3:19PM Sunet at 4:53PM)
3PM - 6pm

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3PM - 6pm
  Your host: Dean & Lisa  

Negative tide day is over. BUT if you would like to get on the notification list for the next event next year, please RSVP below and we'll send send info as soon as it becomes available....

Have a great rest-of-2011! We hope to see you again in 2012!

Dean and Lisa

Massive Negative Tide!

Join us and a bunch of nature lovers to witness the rare daytime & weekend massively Negative Tide Day at Half Moon Bay's famous Maverick's Surfing Spot.

Come one, come all, bring the kids & friends & join us to watch the tides flush out, then walk the reef for a few hours! Weather is expected to be GORGEOUS, so come on out and see some of Mother Nature's finest handiwork, usually buried under tons of sea water, but exposed for a few hours this weekend.

Please do not touch animals nor disturb sealife in any way. Watch your step and only walk on bare rock. Take only pictures,leave nothing behind. If you see illegal activity, call 911.

The gigantic reef is walkable about 3:15PM. So join us about 3PM to watch the tide flush out very quickly, then walk the reef starting about 3:15PM. You can generally walk about 1 mile out to sea, give or take.

The tide will dip down to -1.61 Feet at 5:19PM (The reef is walkable about 0 feet, so that's WAY low at 5:19PM!)

If the weather is clear, the sunset will be SPECTACULAR at 4:53PM

This is NOT a guided tour. However, naturalists usually show up to show off features of the reef. This is a state park, so you are completely on your own. Parking is FREE. Admission to the State park is FREE. Everything is FREE!!!

RSVP below if you want to hear more info as the event approaches.

Tide tables:

These very low tides only happen a few times per year, and usually at night or during the week. This is a rare daytime weekend chance to see TONS of critters that are rarely visible. Mussels, sea stars, eels, clams, crabs crabs crabs, and tons of other critters become trapped in the tide pools for a few hours. You name it, you'll see it!

Park in Pillar Point Lot C. Start walking toward the reef under the satelite dishes next to the HMB airport. It's about a 1 mile walk, give or take.

You can walk until 5PM when the tide comes back. After that, the reef will be covered under 8+/- feet of water for the next few months.

Come and go as you please, this is a state park so everything is open to the public. No charge for anything. This is NOT a guided tour, so you are on your own, though several naturalists usually show up to answer questions.

Parking plentiful in Half Moon Bay Lot C: Yahoo Map for Capistrano Rd, El Granada (the small town just a few miles north Half Moon Bay)

From Hwy 92:
Go north on Highway 1, turn left at the fourth traffic light onto Capistrano Dr. Take the next left into the Pillar Point Harbor and park in parking lot C, on your left.

From San Francisco:
Go south on Highway 280. Take Highway 1 south to Pacifica. Drive past Pacifica and over Devil's Slide. At the first traffic light after Devil's Slide, turn right on Capistrano Dr. Take the next left into the Pillar Point Harbor and park in parking lot C, on your left.

Park in Lot C across from the white tents at Half Moon Bay Kayak.

Here's some of the critters you'll see:

Map here for Capistrano Rd in El Granada, just north of Half Moon Bay:

Map here:

Lots of crabs:

Some of what you'll see:

This semi-dry area is normally under 8+/- feet of water! Walking is slippery, so wear sturdy boots you won't mind getting soaked!

Lots of clamdiggers come out too!

More pictures

Please RSVP below if you are even mildly interested in attending, and I'll send you more info if plans change. Hope you can join us!
Dean & Lisa

size="-1">Location: Half Moon Bay, CA (map)

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