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If you are a Carden Academy parent, you can register to accept Holiday Candies online orders.

As soon as you register, customers will be able to place "candies" orders online and specify you as their "Candy Representative".  Online orders will be tracked by the system, customers will automatically receive emailed invoices and instructions to contact you for payment and delivery, and you will receive email notification when anyone orders candy online.

Note that this online ordering system is optional: you can still sell candies the old fashioned way with paper forms.  Either way, you are responsible for collecting checks and delivering candy to customers.

Contact us if you have any questions about the online ordering process.  We're here to help.  

Register to use the online sales system by:
  • Filling out your contact info,
  • Clicking "Submit your registration". 
  • That's all there is to it.  Your name will automatically be added to the tracking system. 
  • Note: We will NEVER share your contact information with ANYONE except Carden Academy representatives.
  • Once you've registered, send your potential patrons here to place orders on your behalf:

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You will receive a confirmation email, and you will be able to accept orders for Holiday Candies for Carden Academy immediately.

Then, send your patrons an email and ask them to order candy here:

Order Carden Academy Candies Online | Carden Academy

Note: This website is in no way associated with any candy company.  This website exists solely to sell candies for Camden Academy of Morgan Hill.  Copyright © 2004  and .  All rights reserved. Please read our Privacy Policy