San Jose Bag Ban
San Jose City Council Meeting, Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Staring Lisa Bickford as the San Jose Bag Monster
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Lisa's video runs from: 00:15:50 thru 00:17:25 
Bag Monster
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Lisa:  "Thank you mayor, I have a brief prepared statement
I am the San Jose Bag Monster and I am here to protest ANY ban on plastic bags
I'm made of 500 plastic bags.
That's the number that an individual uses in an average year.
I live to be 1000 years old and I am synthetic so I break down very slowly.
It is not a pretty sight.
I'll be here long after all of you are gone regardless of what you decide today.
I have a few downsides.
I kill about 100,000 marine mammals in a year.
But there are plenty of fish in the sea, I've heard people say.
I kill a lot of land animals too, but we can make more.
And besides, it's not my fault that the land animals or the water animals swallow me.
I'm not to blame, so why should I suffer?
What's the big deal anyway?
We have plenty of fish, plenty of oil, and plenty of money, right?
You made me, so why not just live with me?
I have an upside though.
I'm convenient, I'm readily available, and I'm cheap too.
I think that you should keep me in your homes, in your stores, on your shores, on your streets,
in your dumps, on our lawns, let me live!
Support my right to be a productive member of society."

Mayor Chuck Reed "Sorry, your time is up.... In more ways than one..."

Bag Monster
Dean and Lisa
Bag Monster
Kerri Hamilton
Andy Keller
Kerri Hamilton, Lisa, Andy Keller
Bag Monster
Sam Liccardo and Kansen Chu
Andy Keller
Andy Keller & Lisa & Sam & Kansen

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San Jose Mercury News


Rock On Lisa!