Help Restore Alviso to pre-1983 Conditions

Letters of support must be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers by June 29, 2012

On March, 2012, the United States Army Corps of Engineers posted a Public Notice for the Alviso Slough Project. This Public Notice is the first step in the Corps permitting process.  The project removes decades' worth of silt and restores the slough to its pre-1983 condition.

June 29, 2012 is the deadline for the Army Corps of Engineers to accept comments on the Alviso Slough Project

The letter-writing campaign is a critical first-step hurdle to get past if we want the feeder to the Alviso Slough, the Guadalupe river, to continue to be a river. If enough letters are received, the Corps will initiate consultation on endangered species with Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service. Don’t worry, even if you sign the letter, extensive environmental reviews will have to be performed before the project proceeds, and effect on endangered species will be carefully considered.  So there are plenty of checks/balances in place, the letter-writing merely starts the process.

But there’s a problem: the commenting period that began on May 30th will come to an end on June 29, 2012.

See for the project proposal.

It is urgent and very important that all of the members of the environmental community, boating community, wildlife lovers, those who appreciate the nature and history of the South Bay send written comments DIRECTLY to the Corps.

If the Corps does not receive enough letters of support, the project will be shelved, and it might take years to re-start the restoration project.

Numerous people have put in many hours collecting signatures for support letters. Enthusiastic support has been received from nature lovers, South Bay history buffs, members of Yacht Clubs, kayakers, sailors, and visitors to Alviso.  Please join those who want to restore the Slough to its pre-Silicon Valley state.

If you have questions, you can email me at  .  Or better yet, write your letter and send it in today!

As a serial procrastinator, I know: we still have a couple of weeks weeks. But I also know (for the same reason) that we’ll be just that much further behind by then. So think about it: it will take less time to write the letter than it takes to complain about access to nature in the South Bay, and the decades-long neglected Slough.  Besides, sending a letter will accomplish a whole lot more than griping. The postage stamp costs less than what it takes to drive to the docks.

There are 4 easy options to printing/signing/snailmailing a letter...

Whatever you do, just get your letter in the mail FAST....  The June 29 deadline is almost upon us.

Please be sure to include Public Notice Number (2011-00107S), project name (Alviso Slough Dredging), and applicant’s name (Santa Clara Valley Water District).
Option 1) Form letter to print and write in your contact info, sign, and snailmail:

Option 2) Form letter in MS-Word format that you can download, modify, and snailmail:

Option 3) Cut/paste the text below, modify, print, sign, snailmail.

Option 4) Or feel free to create your own letter.

Just please get a letter in the mail before June 29, 2012.


Dean McCully
Kayaker, Nature Lover, South Bay Yacht Club, Fan of Restoring Alviso Slough to pre-Silicon Valley conditions.

Sample Letter:

U. S. Corp of Engineers
Mark D’Avigon
San Francisco District
Operations and Readiness Division
1455 Market Street, 16th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103-13978

Reference; Public Notice Number 2011-00107S
Applicant: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Please accept my comments for the public record regarding the referenced project.

The Alviso Slough has over the years been allowed to become choked with non-native plants and silt. This project, which removes by dredging, is long overdue.

 I am fully in support of the project.

 Respectively submitted,

 Name _________________________________

 Signature ____________________________________________